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Tee-hee! A Birthday outtake…

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Hamming it up with Ian Ken in the NCIC office yesterday!

Here’s how I managed to celebrate my birthday with my other family–the ADMU Chem Department:

1) Set aside enough money for the lunch treat.
2) Wear black x red casual-lolita (without the petticoat) for school.
3) After arriving at school, wear the petticoat.
4) Borrow the Pizza Hut PALM Card from the stockroom.
5) Order pizzas from Pizza Hut.
6) Fool around the department in casu-loli with the department camera. *points at photo*
7) Drag people to the lunch when pizza arrived.

Well, now I can say that I look young for my advanced age of 25, hehe. 😀


Written by Oui

May 27, 2008 at 7:36 pm

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[jottings] after a while

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Apologies for not updating for quite some time. 🙂  Been caught up with a lot of things at home and work, more so last week (Finals Week).

For starters, we just had another Nobel forum awhile ago; Prof. Ciechanover was the speaker.  😀  He entertained the audience with his anecdotes about his personal and academic life before talking about his award-winning study on ubiquitin and protein degradation.  Compared to his technical Nobel lecture last January (the Eurasia Chem conference), today’s seminar was light.

And I got an autograph from him.  Cool! ^___^*

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April 3, 2008 at 9:32 pm

[photo] Schmitt Hall

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Schmitt Hall

This photo was taken using my Holga 120CFN, loaded with expired Fuji Superia ISO100.

I studied here. And I’m working here as well. That’s a total of eight years–4 undergrad, 2 grad and I’m finishing up my 2nd year of work here. This coming schoolyear’s my third. By this time, I should be fed up of the place…but I’m not. This is my second home.

But with another exodus of people I knew, the people I grew up with from college, my wings are restless. This time, I promise, things will change, things will be different.

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February 21, 2008 at 4:11 pm

[jottings] of anachronism and lomography

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There’s nothing like creative anachronism.  No, I don’t mean the Renfest and its relatives, not exactly.  But, in this (digital) day and age, using film cameras (or using film) to capture interesting and off-beat images is…so Luddite.

What just got me thinking now are two things: finally getting my cross-processed film roll scanned, and seeing a small exhibit of lomographs in ADMU (for Humanities Week).

Let’s Get Digital!

There’s nothing so convenient, powerful (and stylish) than a digital camera, right?  You don’t have to worry about buying and loading film, getting the rolls developed and sent to almost everyone.  Every image detail is recorded and stored electronically–no more messy chemicals, faded photographs and moldy negatives to store in a box, only to be forgotten.

Now, how do digital cameras work?  It’s….both simple and not-so-simple.  First, your recording medium isn’t light-sensitive film in a roll–it’s a CMOS sensor. This is a semiconductor unit that “senses” light pixel by pixel–imagine a sheet of tiny electronic devices arranged in an array, each one corresponding to one “dot” of light from an image.  So, the more sensors you have, the higher the definition of your photo, the more exact the image you reproduce.

What About Film?

The only advantage of using film is that it can still record images at the highest amount of definition as possible.  Why is this so?

Remember that the amount of sensors present in the camera determines image resolution–how the picture is defined exactly.  You can have millions of pixels (millions of sampled “dots” of light) in a CMOS sensor, but…film has more of these “sensors”–a sheet or a strip of film contains light-sensitive silver halide crystals which coat the surface.  Each crystal–no, each molecule of silver halide receives its “dot” of light, so light-sampling from the image is continuous and not limited to the number of sensors in a square area of semiconductor.

And What About Anachronism?

Digital photos are still cheaper than film photos…but why in the world am I posting shots taken with a film camera?

It’s a personal reason, really.  Aside from the fact that film records images “more precise” than digital cameras, I can do a lot of things with film rather than in digital.  By just picking the kind of film, camera angles, a certain play of light and odd ideas for film processing (courtesy of lomography), I can do crazy things like rendering modern Cubao a la 1970’s, even if Gateway Mall wasn’t there during the Seventies…

Of course I can do that in Photoshop using a digital camera. But, having worked with all sorts of digital cameras, I find the products…too crisp and error-free.  Easy, too.  Like any other electronic equipment.

Besides…film cameras (especially the plastic, toy ones) are dirt-cheap.  And no self-respecting thief would dare to steal one.

Written by Oui

February 1, 2008 at 10:59 pm