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At least the scientific side of the community. 😀

Let’s face it–the academic culture in the Philippines isn’t popular.  Ask any college student on where they want to work after graduation, they’ll pick a top-tier corporation where they can become glorified pen-pushers with 5-digit salaries (nothing’s really wrong with it, but if >> 90% of our youth pick management-related degrees, what would they manage–themselves?).  Work from Monday to Friday, get Friday and Saturday nights off to party harder.  Only a handful pick the academe…this can be seen more in the Humanities and the sciences.

(God bless the short-sightedness of countless parents and children… >_>;)

Now, academic life isn’t financially better than working in industry or corporation, but it has its perks (and pitfalls).  Ditch that thought of “teaching (and geekery) is square”!  Want to learn management skills?  Try handling lecture classes 2-3 times a week.  Need money?  Write research proposals.  Teachers aren’t just teachers–they are managers, financial analysts, diplomats rolled in one package.  And for scientist-teachers, they can even make things go “boom!” in the lab, too.

Why the above (semi-)rant?  Well, the week I had was…interesting at best.

Personal facts about me:  I am a college instructor (read: college teacher).  I am a chemist.  And I also do research.  But wait–there’s more!  I work in NCIC, too…as the resident NMR analyst (or manager), so I deal with clients for their NMR needs.

It’s just that since last week, I got dragged into joining the SoSE Research Awards as a faculty judge. >_> So, I had to wade through thesis papers (undergrad and grad) of different departments–Physics, Math, Biology, Engineering–and try to made sense of them.  Aside from being a teacher and researcher (which both eat my life), I had to do this tedious job, too. :-O But, there were compensations. 🙂


Written by Oui

March 8, 2008 at 2:47 pm

Posted in meanderings, real life

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